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The gearhead is used for decreasing speed and increasing torque. C.I. Takiron has an assortment of gearheads with 12, 16, and 22 diameters. You can select this as a set with a motor corresponding to the application and the desired characteristics. Feel free to consult us about your request.


Type of gearheads

Spur gearheads

Spur gears with 12 and 16 diameters are available.


  • Construction where torque is transmitted by allowing the gears of each stage to intermesh at 1:1.
  • Loss of transmission efficiency is low because of intermeshing at 1:1.

Planetary gearheads

Planetary gears of 16 and 12 diameters are available.

● Features

  • Construction where torque is transmitted by dispersing torque by multiple gears.
  • Suitable for high loads because of dispersion.

Image diagram of gearheads

ギアヘッド イメージ図
ギアヘッド イメージ図

Basic formula for selecting the gear heads

ギアヘッド イメージ図
Since the above calculation uses theoretical values, it varies depending on speed, load, and temperature condition in practical use.