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Encoders (Under development)

The encoder is a sensor for converting the position information of an object in rotary or linear motion to electrical signal. C.I. Takiron is developing magnetic encoders with 12, 16 and 22 diameters. If you have a request for a motor with an encoder, feel free to consult us.

Encoders (Under development)

Encoders that are being developed by C.I. Takiron

Detection action

●Rotary type

  • Detect displacement of rotary motion

Output system

● Incremental

  • Detect relative angle

● Absolute

  • Detect absolute angle

Action system

●Magnetic type

  • High shock resistance and high contamination resistance
  • Capable of miniaturization


● In case of incremental system

  • 1~10,000CPR

● In case of absolute system

  • 10~18bit

Drawing of encoder

ギアヘッド イメージ図