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Brushless motors

C.I. Takiron has an assortment of brushless motors with 10-17 dia. We support the customer from the development stage. Please feel free to consult us.

Brushless motors

Features of brushless motors

●Long life

Long life can be realized because no wear of the brush and commutator occurs because of the absence of the brush.

●Excellent controllability

Necessary characteristics can be exactly realized in a wide range by designing driving and controlling circuits matching the necessary performance.

● Smooth mobile power (coggingless)

It rotates smoothly because no attractive force is generated between an iron core and magnets because of the absence of an iron core.

●Low vibration and low noise

Vibration and noise can be suppressed to be low because there is no mechanical contact between the brush and the commutator.

Image diagram of brushless motors

ブラシレスモータ イメージ図