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About Us

C.I. TAKIRON Corporation established technology for kneading iron oxide
in raw rubber material as the first in Japan.
            In 1989, we started the precision motor business
by utilizing the magnet design technology.
            Since then, our motors have been used for various precision instruments
            in response to the needs of times and have been contributed
to their high functionality, miniaturization, and saving energy.

  • Reliable quality

    The domestic development team designs motors, and the quality control teams are arranged domestically and at the production base (Shanghai).

  • Meeting Needs

    We customize characteristics and specifications to match the intended use of the customer and provide support as far as product development.

  • Our Offices and Plants

    We deal with customer's requests domestically and in overseas bases.

    Our Offices and Plants
  • Precautions concerning products

    We ask you to understand and accept the following precautions prior to using our products.

    Precautions concerning products

We will hereafter respond to customer's requests for small lot production, mass production, and development customization support matching your intended use
     with the concept of quality first.

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