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Meeting needs

We perform the change of motor parts and customization of characteristics upon the request of the customer.In addition, we support the customer from the development stage.
Please feel free to consult us.

Flow of product proposal

  • Inquiry
    Consult us about the product specifications and characteristics you request.
  • Selection of standard product.
    We select from standard products matching your request.
  • Change of parts of standard product
    We change parts of the standard product matching your request.
    *Changeable parts vary depending on the motor.
    See product page for details.
  • Design of customized product
    We design a motor matching your request.

Request items required at inquiry

  • Application and operating environment
  • Type of motor
  • Diameter and length of motor
  • Voltage, starting torque, and no-load speedr
  • Rated torque and rated speed

Even if the requested characteristics are unclear, we support you from the development stage.
Fill available information in the inquiry page to contact us.