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Application introduction

Main application of C.I. Takiron's motors will be introduced.

  • Medical field

    Coggingless and highly responsive coreless motors are used in the medical field where high reliability is required.

    Applications Products
    Analyzing equipment A6 Vibration
    Endoscope A6
    Dental equipment A12+gear head、A12+gear head
    A16+gear head
    Pump A12


  • Industrial

    In the industrial field, coreless motors are used for handy type devices to serve as drive units and vibrators for alert functions using the advantages of small size, light weight, and low power consumption.

    Applications Products
    Handy terminal A4 Vibration
    Nail gun A22
    Electric screwdriver A22


  • Optical

    In the optical field, motors are used for high performance cameras for which high responsiveness is required using excellent mobile power.

    Applications Products
    Camera A12、A12
    Monitoring camera A12、A12+gear head
    Spirit level A16+gear head
    Microscope A16+gear head


  • Security

    Small and highly reliable motors of C.I. Takiron are used for security doors.

    Applications Products
    Security door A4B, A16+ gear head


  • Hobby

    Long life motors of C.I. Takiron are used in a scene where stable output is required.

    Applications Products
    Servo for radio control A12、A16、A17、
    Speed changer for bicycle A12、A16
    Facial instrument A16+gear head


  • Safety

    In the safety field, small and lightweight micro motors are used for portable devices to serve as drive units and vibrators for alert functions.

    Applications Products
    Vibration type warning device A4、A6 Vibration
    Mask with electric fan A17、A22、C17
    Gas detector and pump A12