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This website is managed by C.I. TAKIRON Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").
Please read these provisions before using this website. You can access and browse this website only after you agree to them. Please note that these provisions are subject to change without prior notice. With regard to the contents which provide their own terms of use, please read these terms carefully before using those contents.


Recommended environment

The following environment is recommended for satisfactory use of this website. The pages are designed to support as many browsers as possible. However, versions of software older than those recommended may not allow pages to be displayed, or may not support JavaScript and style sheets. By using the latest versions, you can use the website without problems.
Please note that viewing some contents may require the latest browser or plug-in software.

Recommended Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or later Internet Explorer 8 Installation
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The Adobe Reader Version 5.0 or later is recommended.
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The Adobe Flash Player Version 8 or later is recommended.
If your PC is not equipped with any plug-in software, you can download Flash Player by clicking the banner on the right.


Some contents in this website use JavaScript. Before you use the services provided therein, please enable JavaScript in your Web browser.


Settings for display and character size

When you change character sizes with the optional functions of the Web browser, please refer to your browser's Help menu.

Copyrights and trademarks

The contents (names, logos, trademarks, illustrations, photographs, writing and other literary works) posted on this website are protected by copyright and other applicable laws of each country, and relevant treaties. The Company prohibits unauthorized use, copying and alteration of these contents beyond the legal extent.


When a website managed by a third party is linked to from this website, C. I. Kasei does not bear any responsibility for inconvenience or damage caused by using the linked website.


C.I. TAKIRON Corp does not make any warranty of accuracy, usefulness, certainty, safety or any other kind relating to the contents provided on this website. The contents or URLs of this website may be changed or deleted without prior notice. Any information on this website is not necessarily constantly updated. The products or the product standard may be changed without a prior notice.The Company is not responsible for any damage caused by these reasons.
Many of the contents contained in the English page of this website are the translations of the Japanese version. No assurance or warranties are given for the completeness or accuracy of English translations.

Protection of personal information

C.I. TAKIRON Corp may ask customers to provide their personal information on this website so that it can be used for services to customers. In this case, the Company protects personal information as described below, based on its "Personal Information Protection Policy."

When the Company asks customers to provide their personal information on this website, it clarifies the purpose of its use, and will not use the information for other purposes; provided, however, that this does not apply to cases which fall under the following:

When customers agree to the provision of their personal information.
When provision is required by law or requested from government offices.
When necessary for the management of this website.

In those cases, the Company limits personal information to be provided only to the extent necessary, and ensures complete management of customers' privacy by means of contracts and other agreements with the party to which the information is provided.

If separate rules on the handling of personal information are described elsewhere within this website, those rules shall prevail.
Personal Information Protection Policy



This website has introduced an encryption technology, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol) to the pages where customers enter their personal information so that they can enter such information with peace of mind. Under the SSL system, the data that have been entered on this website is encrypted on a computer used by the customer and then sent to the computer where the information is registered.

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