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Designed in Japan, high quality C.I. Takiron micro motor

C.I TAKIRON (former C.I. Kasei CO., LTD., merged with TAKIRON Corporation on April 1st 2017) is the first established company of mass-produce rubber magnetic sheet which kneads iron oxide with rubber materials.
Our micro motor technology stems from this technology, and we started micro motor production and sales from 1989.
We are grad to serve you with our precision micro-motor in many applications; optical equipment, surveying instruments, medical equipment, industrial equipment, robots, RC, and security systems.

Reliable quality and flexible supports


High quality
Our main factory “Shanghai CIK Electronics Co., LTD.” acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.
All products are designed in Japan with over 28 years’ experience, and production is controlled by superior quality management team.

Flexible support
Our policy is to develop products in accordance with customer’s request.
We are grad to offer you any support.

Manufacturing system
We offer you flexible production from small batch to high volume order by producing products in two factories and a subcontract company.

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