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Technical guide

All of micro motors and gearheads in this catologue are standard C.I. TAKIRON products.
They can be made to comply with any required input voltage, speed, torque even if required quantity is small.
Please feel free to contact us if you want non-standard features.

Coreless motor Guide

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We have Coreless motors of Dia4-Dia22.
Please select in accordance with your design.


Main features of Coreless motor

  • Ultra compact design (Small size and light weght)
  • Energy saving(Low electrcity consumption)
  • Excellent controllabilty
    (Low mechanical time constant and quick response)
  • High efficiency(No iron core plus hight effciency)
  • Smooth motive power
    (constant rotation without cogging.)
  • Low electrical noise(Long life)

Brushless motor Guide


The standard is coreless brushless motors and the basic policy is to develop in accordance with customer's request.
We are pleased to support the customer from the development phase.

Main features of our brushless moters

  • Less electrical noise, Less mechanical noise
  • Long life
  • Low vibrations
  • Running at high speed is available

Gear head Series Guide


We have gear head series of Dia12-Dia16
Please select sutable gear head model calculating
by following formula.

Basic formula of gear head selection

1. Calculation of speed
i : Reduction Ratio
ηTransfer effciency
(η1: First reduction )
(η2: Second reduction)
2. Calculation of torque
Tout=Tin x i x η
Nout : Output speed
Nin : Input speed
Tout : Output torque
3. Calculation of a transfer effciency

(*Please calculation ηη as 0.9)
Tin : Input torque



  1. All of the micro motors in this catalogue are produced for the use ordinaly electronic equipment.
    if you need non-standard features for other appllications, please contact us.
  2. Products and specifications in this catalogue are subject to change without notice, this is due to
    For confirmation of the above, please contact us.


  1. Avold storage of motors in high temperatures,hight humidity and corrosive gas enviroment.
  2. Do not store the motors without running for more than 6 months.
  3. When soldering to the lead wire or terminal, carry out within a few seconds.
  4. Do not drive motors with their shafts locked.
  5. Be carerul of secondary hitch caused by moter trouble.
  6. It will be the sole responsibility of the customer and / or end user to use this product properly,
    and therefore assume all risk and liability in connection therewith. In case of individual product's specification contracted, it will be given priority to the contract.

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